Darren Perron

WCAX's co-head news anchor, Darren Perron, shares how he got his start in journalism in rural Barton, VT, recalls his two-week stint chronicling the Vermont Air National Guard in Afghanistan, and brings along an award-winning clip covering the transition of Christine Hallquist, the CEO of Vermont Electric Co-Op. 

Susan Hartman of VT Pride Center

Susan Hartman, the new Executive Director for the Vermont Pride Center, is welcomed to the Queen City by Emoji & Nikki. The queens learn about what life was like for a young activist from Arkansas, what Susan's journey has been that led her to Vermont, and her goals and objectives for her tenure as the helm of the Pride Center.

Rue Mevlana

The delightful combination of Nathan Jarvis and Hannah Wall, both of local synthpop group Rue Mevlana, the creators of The T theme, stop by the studio. They chat with the queens about musical inspirations, the latest 10-year anniversary edition of their album "Drop The F Bomb," the resurgence of vinyl and cassette, performing as part of a local supergroup at Waking Windows, and more! Plus, find out the story behind The T theme song!