Peter Jacobsen of Vermont CARES

We're on the Road to Zero! That's right - Vermont CARES Executive Director, Peter Jacobsen, informs Emoji & Nikki on the organization's campaign to end new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in the state. Peter speaks out about prevention, testing, and education. 

DJ Rob Douglas

Hey Mr. DJ...put a record on - I wanna dance with my baby! One of the queen's favorite DJs, Rob Douglas, stops by to share their musical inspirations, favorite pop divas, Janet's mysterious baby, and what it will take to get a drag queen behind the decks! 

Reggie Condra

Reggie Condra stops by the queens' studio to discuss their upcoming comedy set at LGBTQLOL - a monthly queer comedy set at the Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington. The queens chat with Reggie about what it takes to get going in the local comedy scene as well as the recent events regarding Kathy Griffin and Pres. Trump and how comedy can cross the line.